A few months ago I joined my local Astronomical Society in Harford County. HCAS for short. We are fortunate enough to have our own Observatory which houses a wonderful Celestron C14 Schmidt Cassegrain mounted on a rock steady Astro-Physics 1200. I headed up with a few of my astro friends for a night of imaging this evening! We each took turns snapping away at various objects. When it was my turn, my friends Tim and Roy suggested I shoot M35. I tested a shot at ISO 800 and 10 seconds to check my composition. When I was ready I used the program BackyardEOS to fire 5 2 minute exposures while we went down into the heated part of the building to warm up for a while. We finished up a little after I was done shooting and headed home. I edited the photos in Lightroom and then handed them over to RegiStax for the stacking to help reduce noise. This is my final shot. I’m very happy with it and I absolutely LOVE star clusters! P.S. I’ve cranked the saturation so that you can notice all of the different star colors. Enjoy!

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